Head/Principal Desk

Every student has a potential of doing one thing or other. The role of educational institution is to develop a process where the obvious as well as hidden potential of a student cannot only be identified but harnessed under the expert guidance of teachers. Under the roof of Vanasthali school I have interacted with some upcoming Scientists, Artists, Academicians, Musicians, Dancers, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Managers and the list goes on.

Our curriculum is driven by the need of our students & ensuring quality education for every Student . We motivate our teachers to provide an atmosphere for discovery where students are encouraged to be creative and curious instead of routinely leading the so children with academic burden , we are thus constantly imparting our teaching methodology so that it turns learning into a combination of class room studies, research and scientific discovery. This can only be achieved by imparting and focusing providing correct attitude, skill, knowledge and moral values.Under the expert guidance of yoga teacher, students brought laurels in many competitions.

My best wishes to the students and teachers who have been a part of this journey towards perfection in imparting education.

Best Wishes!

Deepti Agrawal

HM cum Administrator